Website Design Hervey Bay

  1. Standard Terms These standard terms apply to all website design and development projects undertaken by Web Design Hervey Bay for our clients.

  2. How Payment Works Upon agreeing to our proposal, you’ll need to make a 50% upfront payment. The remaining 50% becomes due when the job is done to your reasonable liking, subject to specific approval and rejection clauses. We won’t start work until we receive the initial payment, which will only be refunded if we don’t meet our obligations as outlined in the agreement.

  3. Providing Materials You’re responsible for giving us all the required materials like photos, text, and logos to complete the project. Any delays caused by late delivery of these materials allow us to extend our deadlines reasonably.

  4. Changes and Extra Requests You can request changes to the design, but we reserve the right to limit revisions and charge for significant changes. Major changes from the initial proposal will cost $120+GST per hour. After the project is complete, you have a 30-day window for free minor changes within the project scope.

  5. Delays and Your Responsibilities Project timelines depend on your timely feedback and content provision. For smoother communication, it would help to have one person from your end who’s available for daily feedback.

  6. Approving the Work We’ll notify you once the project is complete for your review. Any issues should be reported in writing within 7 days. If not, the work is considered approved, and the remaining 50% of the fee becomes due.

  7. Unsatisfactory Work If you reject our work within the 7-day review period and we reasonably believe the rejection is unjust, we have the option to consider the contract null and void and will take steps to recover payment for the work done.

  8. Final Payment An invoice for the remaining 50% will be sent after the 7-day review period.

  9. Intellectual Property You must have all permissions for any content you provide. You’ll also need to cover us against any legal issues arising from the content on your site.

  10. Search Engine Rankings While we do basic search engine optimisation, we don’t promise specific search engine rankings.

  11. Liability Limits We’re not liable for any issues except those caused by our own negligence. We limit our liability to the cost of the service we were hired to provide, where the law allows.

  12. Subcontracting We can subcontract parts of the work if we need to.

  13. Keeping Your Info Private We won’t disclose any confidential info you provide.

  14. Backups If you’re not hosting with us, you’ll need to maintain your own website backups. For those hosting with us, backups are included.

  15. Ownership and Hosting We recommend registering domain names under your name or business. Web hosting is offered through our optimised servers, and you won’t have direct access. On full payment, you’ll own the completed work, except for any premium themes, plugins or services linked to our hosting packages. You can request database and file transfers if you choose to move from our hosting.

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