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Content Edits & Image Updates​

I can update your website by changing or removing site images and content, adding blog posts, adding new customer testimonialschanging text, updating office hours and contact/address details and refreshing your FAQs section.

Feature & Functionality Additions

I can add new features such as live chat, social media feed integration, contact forms, and newsletter signups. I can also add a search bar and blog section or social sharing buttons to facilitate user interaction and navigation.

Technical Issues & Design Fixes​

I can fix broken links, update outdated contact details, and revise legal pages like your privacy policy and terms of service. I can also make design tweaks like updating your colour scheme or making the site more mobile-responsive.

Plugin & Script Installs​

To enhance your site’s performance and capabilities, I can install various plugins and scripts. This could range from plugins that improve website speed to analytics tools for gaining insights into your web traffic.

Optimise Images and Load Time

Slow load times can turn visitors away. I can compress and optimise images, install performance plugins, and implement other techniques to speed up your website, ensuring a smooth user experience.

Add New Products, Pricing and Services

I can add new products, services, or update pricing information to make sure all the details on your site are current and accurate. I can also add a portfolio section to showcase your completed projects or case studies.


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Google Ads Management FAQs

For your business in Hervey Bay or Fraser Coast, the monthly report delivers insights into key performance metrics such as click-through rates, conversion rates, and the overarching campaign performance, highlighting the effective facets and areas needing adjustment.

Appearing on Google search results pages and across the Google Network, Search and Text Ads are fundamental types of Google Ads, consisting of a headline, description, and often a URL, visible to users throughout Hervey Bay and the Fraser Coast.

Catering to audiences in Hervey Bay and Fraser Coast, Google Display Ads are visual advertisements showcased on websites within the Google Display Network. Unlike text-centric ads, these engage audiences with images, videos, or rich media, and are adept at boosting brand awareness with precise targeting based on demographics, interests, and location.

The access/takeout fee is attributed to the initial groundwork required to craft and initiate your Google Ads campaigns targeting the Hervey Bay and Fraser Coast markets. This fee also acts as a deterrent for clients considering departure after the initial month, ensuring the valuable setup work is adequately compensated.

In the realms of Hervey Bay and Fraser Coast, Comprehensive Keyword Research delves deeper, embracing long-tail keywords, competitor analysis, and ongoing refinements to boost performance. Conversely, Basic Keyword Research is more narrowly scoped.

Representing Google Analytics 4, GA4, and Google Tag Manager, GTM, are pivotal tools set up to gauge the performance of your ads and capture crucial metrics like conversions, essential for businesses operating in Hervey Bay and the Fraser Coast.

Although some metrics might showcase improvement relatively swiftly, achieving substantial results typically spans a few weeks to a couple of months, attributed to the data collection and analysis process within the digital sphere of Hervey Bay and Fraser Coast.

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