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Looking to make your Gympie business stand out online? Whether you need a brand new website or a fresh update to your existing one, my web design services are here to help. I specialise in creating sites that not only look great but also resonate with the Gympie community, from its historic gold mining roots to the lush landscapes of the Mary Valley.


Elementor, Shopify, Divi, and WordPress

I use a variety of tools to ensure your website is both visually striking and functional. WordPress is my top choice for its flexibility and ease of use,  ideal for various businesses in Gympie – from a cosy café near Lake Alford to a bustling shopfront in Gympie Town Centre. With Elementor and Divi, I can offer a range of design options, making it easy to for businesses including those as iconic as Gympie’s heritage sites.

If your existing site needs a revamp – perhaps to highlight a new attraction at Gympie Gold Mining and Historical Museum or to promote your participation in the Gympie Music Muster – I can efficiently make those updates, ensuring your site stays relevant and effectively represents your business.

Landing Pages

from $800

Full Websites

from $2000

Web Design Features for Gympie Businesses

Complete Website Packages

Comprehensive website packages, I ensure your site is fully equipped from design to marketing. Imagine having your business represented like a standout stall at the Gympie Market, visible and engaging to both locals and visitors.

Custom Design Options

For a truly unique Gympie feel, opt for my fully customised website designs. Your site will be custom-designed for your business, capturing not only your business brand but Gympie’s vibrant community and uniqueness.

Updates and Changes

I offer after-website build services for updates and changes to ensure your website remains up-to-date.

Easily Updated By You​

I design websites that are a breeze to update yourself. Whether you want to add new photos of Gympie’s scenic spots or update your services, you can do it effortlessly.

User Experience UI / UX​

I create clear and easy-to-use website designs to improve user engagement and calls to action.

Responsive Design​

Making sure your site looks good and works well on both mobile and desktop devices.

SEO Ready Websites

Along with an eye-catching design, your website will be SEO ready, ensuring it ranks well in search engines. This means more visibility for your business, connecting you with your target audience right here in Gympie.

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Web Design Hervey Bay Freelancer - Nicholas Fritzkowski

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Web Design Gympie FAQs

My expertise lies in understanding Gympie’s unique market dynamics and community essence. By weaving in elements that capture the spirit of Gympie’s heritage, such as the echoes of its gold mining past or the natural beauty of the Mary Valley, my designs are crafted to engage both local residents and visitors.

Absolutely! I can give your site a fresh, updated look that encapsulates Gympie’s unique character. Think of it as infusing your website with the essence of Gympie, reminiscent of a stroll through the Gympie Gold Mining and Historical Museum or the vibrant energy of the Gympie Music Muster.

My approach to web design focuses on creating visually stunning websites that embody what makes Gympie unique. This includes optimising your site for local SEO to improve rankings in Gympie-centric searches and crafting a design that resonates with the local community’s preferences and lifestyle.

Yes, I provide ongoing support to ensure your website remains up-to-date, secure, and aligned with the latest trends, keeping it functional and relevant for your Gympie business.

Certainly! Whether you’re offering tours of Gympie’s historical sites or outdoor adventures around the region, I can incorporate booking systems, calendars, and other functionalities to make your website informative and user-friendly for your clients.

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